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LIST: 15 Favorite Movie Songs

Well, a couple of my friends have noted that I am weird in that I make lists. Like lots of lists. 'High Fidelity' style. In many different fields. It's an organizational, professional and memory-based habit of mine. I'm certain I'm not the only one who does that. But I figure why not take that to this blog...

But I didn't do none of them boring favorite movies or directors just yet. People listen to music as far as I know (as you cannot taste or smell them) and with that, I decided, as a music enthusiast myself, to listen to popular music from all sorts of music. Which also meant dealing with some painful ones. Then I picked the ones I really liked. (Speaking of music, +5 to anybody who will name where this blog's name comes from)...

Of course, it's a focus on songs composed specifically and released with the picture at hand. Metallica's 'For Whom the Bell Tolls', The Doors' 'The End', Nick Cave's 'Red Right Hand' and so many other (in my opinion superior) songs were oh so hard to part with in my heart, but didn't fit this criteria. Also, concept albums made into movies don't count. Sorry, 'The Wall', 'Tommy' and 'Quadrophenia' (though the latter will be made up for in the top 15).

So here goes. Not much of an intro, but I suppose one ought to let the music speak. I included YouTube links for the Top 15. Any that had an available music video I added as well, because, dammit, this is primarily a movie blog. Enjoy!

15. 'A Perfect Twist' - Mike Patton (A Perfect Place)
Absolutely sexy, scary, threatening yet seductive in a manner only our Patton can do. In addition, catchy handclap (and rim shot) beat and grand bandstand sort of sound.

14. 'You Know My Name' - Chris Cornell (Casino Royale)
When I heard this, this was the reboot in my mind to the whole James Bond theme sound. The mood of the song was classic scanning feel (with thanks to the orchestra in the background), but Cornell's voice gave that song a modern edge. Even if it's not one of his best vocal performances (and no, it's not even close), it's most fitting for the film and a classic song to remember.

13. 'Deep Cover' - Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg (Deep Cover)
Speaking of songs that fit with the movie, Deep Cover is the urban thriller theme song. It was written for Deep Cover but you gotta admit you can think of it as a placeholder for any other undercover scenario picture until they compose a better song suited for the theme. Not likely. Btw, the fuck is up with Snoop Dogg calling him himself Snoop Lion?

12. 'Love Song for a Vampire' - Annie Lennox (Bram Stoker's Dracula)
Is it weird that I find Annie Lennox quite attractive? It is? Okay, I won't say that then. But this synthesizer driven score is seductive in a way that most popular of this day cannot reach. Everytime I watch Bram Stoker's Dracula now, I watch the entire credits just to hear this song (and to see the Columbia Pictures logo in blood red. I don't know why that image strikes me but it does.)

11. 'Blaze of Glory' - Jon Bon Jovi (Young Guns II)
This is more of a nostalgia factor than any actual merit I can give. But I insist everybody, especially Western fans, ought to give this album (and the movie a try). Young Guns II has its flaws but its also fun and a mood-hanging tribute, while Jon Bon Jovi provides the same feel with his soundtrack.

10. 'Hero' - Chad Kroeger feat. Josey Scott (Spider-Man)
When the 2002 Spider-Mania phenomenon backs up a song designed so specifically to make the audience root for the hero, you know you have yourself a hit, which is what Hero was. It made you root for Spidey and it was a good feeling when it did. I am an unashamed fan of the band from which this vocalist is in which shall not be named (Sorry to disappoint, guys, I promise the next artist picks will make up for it), and I'd say this is one of Kroeger's finest performances (fitting for the songs when he doesn't sound like a crybaby but not like a douche). The only downside is that solo. Ew...
Wow, his face is very hard not to laugh at there.

9. 'Santa Fe' - Jon Bon Jovi (Young Guns II)
Again, nostalgia. But hey, would you hate such a genuine song intent on telling such tales if you grew up like I?

8. 'The Nile Song' - Pink Floyd (More)
I have not seen the movie yet at all, I only bought the album because PINK FLOYD YO. You cannot argue with Pink Floyd. I don't trust anyone who doesn't like Pink Floyd. Argue with this. I dare you. Listen to David Gilmour. David Gilmour is better than you. DAVID GILMOUR IS BETTER THAN YOU!!!!

7. 'Bother' - Stone Sour (Spider-Man)
Well sorry Kroeger, but Corey Taylor has you beat in this department of making you feel for Spidey. While 'Hero' is the more popular song, 'Bother' is the understated performance of Taylor singing lyrics that, while not likely written for the themes, become embed deep in the idea of juggling the entire world in order to keep your own life and the lives of others safe. It's about not cracking down in the heat of the moment.

6. 'What the Hell Have I' - Alice in Chains (Last Action Hero)
The Last Action Hero soundtrack remains one of my fav soundtracks (behind Pulp Fiction and Mortal Kombat). As a metalhead, this album is a goldmine of newly written songs by the likes of Buckethead, Queensryche (both those two artists working with legendary composer Michael Kamen in their respective contribution), Alice in Chains, Megadeth, Anthrax and Cypress Hill (among others). However, this song, albeit the one least fitting to the atmosphere of the picture, is the one I enjoyed the most. Featuring a riff by Jerry Cantrell that feels like Robby Krieger from Hell, the song chills me out from whatever funk I'm in the moment I hear it. The movie itself is great too, I will never understand the hate it gets. If you get a chance to see it as a child (or show to yours), see it.

5. 'Il Cupo Dolore' - Mike Patton (A Perfect Place)
Well, I'm sucker for opera. And for Mike Patton. So Mike Patton doing opera does it for me. Apparently a background sort of track for the short film (when Patton wrote the score he got so excited he made it 30 minutes longer than the movie itself), but the scale of it, even when brought down by the sound of scratching vinyl and the tone of dusty grammaphone, makes this one of the most ambitious vocal performances I've ever had the pleasure of hearing.

4. 'Summer Wine' - Ville Valo and Natalie Avelon (Das Wilde Leben)
This is another one where I haven't seen the movie. But the sweeping style and the style play between Valo and Avelon gave it a place here for me.

3. 'Love, Reign O'er Me' - Pearl Jam (Reign Over Me)
It's very hard to top Roger Daltrey's performance in this classic, but Eddie Vedder provided a searing emotional bellow for this cover that did justice and carried the Adam Sandler picture. Although, Sandler's courtroom cry of the song earlier on could probably give Vedder a run for his money in emotion, as it is one of the only Adam Sandler movies where I will admit he actually acts, and he does a hell of a job.

Song kind of makes up for Limp Bizkit's butchering of 'Behind Blue Eyes', constructed for a just as bad movie called Gothika. Almost.

2. 'Birth Ritual' - Soundgarden (Singles)
 This is yet a third one where I have not seen the movie yet. I sort am trying to find a way to. It seem easily grunge the movie. I've seen a clip of Alice in Chains in it (with a comedic interview involving Matt Dillon's character) and I was sold. But in the meantime, this driving force IS, as opposed to 'You Know My Name', one of my favorite vocal performances I've heard outta Cornell.

1. 'Humans Being' - Van Halen (Twister)
Okay, maybe I ought to apologize for being so biased, but the post does say favorite, not best. This is my number one favorite song composed for a movie. The verse sounds so cool, the solo is great, the drumming is the type of stuff I love Alex Van Halen for.

The other songs that were heavily considered and are great stuff anyway. Top to bottom most are the closest to being added. If you see an arrow next to the song, it means LISTEN TO THE DAMN SONG.
'Meant to Live' - Switchfoot (Spider-Man 2)
'I Still Believe' - Tim Cappello (The Lost Boys)
'Kick-Ass (We Are Young) - Mika (Kick-Ass)
'Til I Hear It From You' - Gin Blossoms (Empire Records) <---
'The Wrestler' - Bruce Springsteen (The Wrestler)
'A320' - Foo Fighters (Godzilla)
'I Disappear' - Metallica (Mission: Impossible II)
'Ordinary' - Train (Spider-Man 2) <---
'New Divide' - Linkin Park (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) <---
'Live to Rise' - Soundgarden (The Avengers)
'Won't Back Down (Bring You Hell)' - Fuel (Daredevil)
'Angry Again' - Megadeth (Last Action Hero)
'Hero' - Regina Spektor (500 Days of Summer)
'A Dream of Roses' - Mike Patton (A Perfect Place) <---
'Lose Yourself' - Eminem (8 Mile) <---
'Bird's Eye' - Mike Patton and Serj Tankian (Body of Lies)
'Cry Little Sister' - Gerard McMann (The Lost Boys)
'Live and Let Die' - Paul McCartney and Wings (Live and Let Die) <---
'Real World' - Queensryche (Last Action Hero)

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