Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's Not Personal, It's Business, and Business is... Dull - by Cesar Cabrera

Paranoia (2013)

This film is about a young genius who believes that the old-school American dream - working hard and doing your best - will make you the #1, but when he gets blackmailed from his boss (Gary Oldman) to go undercover and help him bury his rival (Harrison Ford), things don't go according to plan and that's where the plot kicks in... Eventually.

First off, this was suppose to be a thriller, where the suspense, tension and excitement are the main elements of this film... It's meant to give you some kind of adrenaline, but it fails to do so. The plot was boring, the script reminded me of other films, namely Wall Street mixed with Enemy of the State, and it never gave me any surprise at all. It was all too obvious and too easy. And it really tried to throw in these random "surprises" that existed near the end. Liam Hemsworth was one of the many big mistakes of this film with a terrible performance on his behalf. When they show his face in a close-up for a good 15-30 second scenery-chewing moment more than once, his emotions stays the same, no matter what. And the only thing to cover that up is his cute face and abs for the women. Not to mention how weird he sounds when he's on a serious topic. The chemistry he had with Amber Heard seemed obligated and "blech".

Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford seemed like they wanted to make this film to gain a few extra buck. It was nice seeing them as rivals since Air Force One and are now fighting with business, and they had one awesome moment... only lasted a few minutes, but it wasn't strong enough. For instance, they don't entirely explained what sparked their rivalry in the first place.

The things that did fascinate me was the advancement of technology portrayed in the movie. That everyday, something new is created to make things a bit more appealing than the previous incarnation. Seriously, it can get a bit scary sometimes, especially now since the NSA thing has been known (Man were those hippies from the 60's and 70's right all along). And the supporting actors weren't as interesting as the rest of the cast at all (Yes, even Oldman and Ford, I'm sad to say).

Overall, the title gives us the wrong idea of the film, promising a feeling that never occurs, and the adrenaline never happen, even if they showed how powerful a company can be when its enemy could be the one closest to them. I am disappointed to say this film was terrible.


Cesar Cabrera is a fucking disappointed writer.

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