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The Story of the Millionth Death - Fruitvale Station by Cesar Cabrera

Once again, it is I, STinG. I have not been very much seeing many recently released features in theaters as much as a friend of mine who feels compelled to express his experiences on his facebook page. So, I invited him to write frequently and hone his review craft here. I hope you make give a warm welcome to Mr. Cesar Cabrera with his very first review on Movie Motorbreath... He, like David, will be a frequent contributor - providing capsuled and immediate responses to the many movies he sees on their release dates, rather than outright analysis and dissections, making him a very essential part of this Circle of Motorbreath Life...

Take it away, Cesar...

Fruitvale Station - 2013

Based on a tragic event that happened on New Years 2008-2009, this film is about Oscar Grant, an everyday man trying to make his resolution of his past for his family and more importantly, his daughter. Out to have some fun with his friends, an unfortunate course of events happens which lead to a tragedy that will not only affect him and his family, but to those who witnessed it firsthand and those who witnessed it under the eyes of the camera.

This film has one of the best buildups I have seen from this year, and it wasn't intentional for the sake of being an awesome film, but for the sake of the people that were alive at the time. The events that led up to it were brilliant, just to tell the story of a random someone that is just like you and me - it wasn't a legendary actor, singer, or anyone important. And the aftershock was impressive, seeing how this had affected those close to the protagonist.

Michael B. Jordan, one of the many underrated actor from the awesome series "The Wire" and soap opera "All of My Children", has proven yet again the type of actor he is. While not entirely leaving his familiar zone, there is still something that is refreshing of him that you could not let go of. Alongside is Melonie Diaz, who plays Grant's girlfriend, another underrated actress that seriously needs to make it big in this business and the Academy-Award winner Octavia Spencer, which give a boost on the popularity for this film. Yet every actor there on screen did their best.

This film is the 27-year-old Ryan Coogler's first feature film! 27! Producing the film alongside him is Forrest Whitaker and together they were able to grab the characters and show the everyday struggle of the protagonist. I hope he continues making films, he looks promising.

Though I gotta say, this film felt like they could have shown a bit more of this event, more aftermath epilogue at least, by having more time (the movie lasts 85 minutes) and showing not only the protagonist but also the other characters that met him during the big event so that there wouldn't be only one POV.

What makes this film very gripping is that it gave a nationwide shock because it has been awhile since the Rodney King incident that a police brutality was caught on camera, and a shooting on an African American that lead to a big protest, unmistakably charged by of the Trayvon Martin shooting and the trial. But as tragic as it is, it proves that nothing really changes no matter what, the prejudice, the violence and the misunderstanding will always be there.

Overall, this film is gripping and incredible. Definitely will be on the top 10 films of this year. My condolences to the family and thanks in telling the story of a simple man trying to make ends meet. And show us that something like this can change the world. 


Cesar Cabrera is currently an investigative journalist searching for clues as to the missing lineage of Jesus Christ and a full-scale chemical attack on the Vatican.

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