Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sorry, I've Been Busy as of Late... Here's a Really Great Youtube Music Video...

Okay, so I'm juggling my next review right now and its already 11 days into November without any post yet...

I'm very sorry, I'm gonna get on that as a soon as I can.
In the meantime, I found this epic fanvid on youtube of a song by one of Mike Patton's many amazing tracks with the very intense project, Mr. Bungle. I was searching around for live vids and I found this impressive work for a fan piece.

Apparently, this fan has made one of the better music videos I'd seen in a while, in league with Bungle's shocking content and really telling a wonderfully twisted story in a fantastic (both referring the awesomeness and the fantasy of the character) style. It's really a breath of fresh air since now most music videos seem to have devolved as 'candy commercials' of a sense. People seem to really have forgotten the true art form of a music video, what can come out of it can be more impressionable than a modern feature film. Foo Fighters are the only current band I know of are still holding out on this artistic part of the music video format, but even then, their videos, however fun, reek with commercial motivation, even the parody self-aware 'Big Me'. Beastie Boys, my favorite music video musicians, tried to bring it back with 'Make Some Noise/Fight for Your Right Revisited', but it ended up being somewhat overbloated and uninspired, a helpless cry for a grasp on the media of video one more time, maybe a late lesson to the master MCA, but all of the bad elements of pretension. It wasn't entirely a fun romp like 'Sabotage' and yet it wasn't a great deconstruction like 'Shake Your Rump'.
So, this guy... whoever he is... He saved the music video day for me. For now...

Yep, without further ado, 'Pink Cigarette'.

I'll be back soon.

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