Tuesday, November 13, 2012

STinG Argues with Somebody Over Looper (Johnson, 2012) on Facebook

So, I do note I probably should've given it sometime while the movie was still circulating theaters, but I got lazy and this exchange and my viewing of Looper at the local movie theater was particularly around a moment of emotional stress. In one particularly strange and weird way that I'd rather not go into right now out of both embarrassment for the circumstances and embarrassment over talking about my personal feeling, the movie had saved my life. I feel slightly indebted to it. So, when I saw one person in my friend's list criticizing Looper, I jumped to its defense.

It also suggested the perfect meal when going into a diner. Hamburgers be damned now.
In all honesty, I don't find it a perfect movie. In fact, I found many flaws seeing the movie only once, imagine the ones I will find when I inevitably see it again. But, still the girl in question was ripping it a new asshole that it didn't particularly deserve. So, I came to Looper's rescue. In a sense, however, it makes up my review of Looper as it's mostly what I wanted to say about it. It just happened to be in a conversational manner and, I think, kind of unorganized. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.

There are two things I want to go over quickly before presenting the exchange (with a blocking on our photos, the girl's name and my last name). First is that I don't want anyone to think I think people are wrong because they don't like Looper. Odin forbid opinions are given. In fact, I usually encourage rebuttals to my opinion on any manner, I never consider myself learned enough to be infallible (you should see me talk about politics - I hate it because I'm just bad at it). As far as I'm concerned, the female in question may know a lot about cinematography and she may also be cool enough to converse with. I just got really into the heat of the moment. Very embarrassing for that moment to be a facebook comment war, though.

I will not apologize for thinking that 'liking Shia LaBeouf' negatively affects your taste in cinema, though. I absolutely positively will not.

The second is that she takes note erroneously in my 'bash[ing] Inception'. This is because the comment before the very first displayed is a representation where I sum up the 2010 Christopher Nolan movie in seven lines. So, yea, if you want a chuckle (maybe not an outright laugh), check that crazy stuff out too.

Alright... Here goes...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Cid...
I mean, Seth!

Did you just seriously compare JGL and Willis to Lohan?!

And that's where it ended. I had just noted on particular comment had not been expanded, so I post it here.

Anyway, that for the most part makes up my subjective review of Looper. There are a couple more notes I'd like to make. I do note how the telekinesis aspect of the picture does affect major events, but I feel like the movie could do without it. I can't put my finger on how, but the telekinesis was simply one layer too many in an already complicated movie.

Second, and this was more for my own weird thoughts I have, this is the second Rian Johnson movie where Noah Segan's character (Kid Blue) is essentially Joseph Gordon-Levit's character's bitch. The first being Brick, which I intend to review fairly soon. This does not matter because from all the works I've seen him in Segan is actually pretty talented, so it's great that Johnson sees the potential in him and continues to work with Segan.

NO! I'm not overcompensating for anything!
All said and done, I gave the movie an 8 out of 10 and continued on my own loop.

Anybody got opinions on the movie? Dislike or like it? Agree with me or agree with the female in question? Hit it up on the comments (I feel I ought to encourage more dialogue in regards to the post's subjects with the readers).

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